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Preserve the value of your home or business with professional epoxy services in Salt Lake City! Epoxy coatings are typically used to protect floors and other high-traffic surfaces, and are the perfect investment for your property. Many homeowners enjoy the durability of epoxy for their garage floors, sheds, and basements, while business owners swear by epoxy to make their warehouses, offices, and storefronts safe and easy to clean. Often applied over concrete, an epoxy coating can be clear, colored, or flecked, and provides a low-maintenance, water-resistant seal. When applied and cared for properly, epoxy can last for over a decade!

American Town Painting is your local expert for epoxy application in Utah, with many years of experience working with this unique material. We’ve laid epoxy coatings for residential and commercial properties and can help you select the perfect option for your needs and style. You can count on us to handle every step of the way; our highly-trained contractors will clean and prep the surface, patch and repair imperfections, and then spread your custom epoxy coating. After it has dried and cured, it’s ready for use- even with vehicles, equipment, or other heavy activity.

Epoxy coatings can bring beauty and brightness to any floor and can add to not only the utility of the space, but the value as well. We can apply an epoxy coating to your garage, basement, patio, pool deck, showroom floor, and many other areas. This material offers superior traction and stain resistance and gives a professional look to your home or business. Want to learn more about our epoxy painting services? Reach out to our friendly team today and request your estimate!

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